6 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Flowers

So they've popped the question, you've shared your wonderful news with all of your family and friends... now for the exciting part- the planning! (and endless amounts of pinterest searching)

Flowers are such a huge part of a wedding and picking the perfect ones that match your individual style are essential.

We've put together 6 tips for choosing your perfect wedding flowers which we think will be really helpful- especially for those who are looking for a bit of inspiration!

So here they are:

1. Shop for the Season Have you decided on a date for your special day? If so, have a look around for what blooms are in season at that time of year. Picking wedding flowers when they are in season can save you money as they don’t need to be imported or specially cultivated.

2. Set your Budget

A really good place to start when thinking about your wedding flowers is sitting down with your partner and deciding on a budget. On average, couples spend between £1,200 to £1,500 on their flowers which may sound jaw dropping but it really is one expense that is completely worth it.

Your budget will impact the styles and sizes that can be created. It’s better to be honest with your florist, and, by having a realistic budget to work with, the florist can guide you in the best way and show you possible designs that could become a reality.

3. Find your Inspiration

You've probably already set up a Pinterest board but if not- make one! Pinterest is leaping forward with constant new & fresh ideas for just about everything. If you're stuck on finding a colour preference, deciding on a bouquet type, or if you'd just like to have a look at what other couples did for their wedding then Pinterest is the perfect place to start. Once you have an idea in mind your florist will make sure everything else will fall into place!

4. Pick a Theme

This is one of our absolute top tips! Focusing on a theme for your wedding can really help narrow down your search. For example, if you wanted your flowers to have a beautifully rustic feel to match the exposed brick barn venue that you've chosen, we'd suggest a lot of greenery and neutral flowers. However, if you're hosting an extravagant reception at a grand hotel, we'd suggest pure white rose bouquets.

5. Begin with the Bridal Bouquet

Your bouquet is the ultimate wedding accessory and will be just that little bit more special than any other arrangement on the day. It will be at the front and centre of all photos and the inspiration behind all of the other arrangements on your special day.

6. When do I need to book my wedding flowers? As far in advance as you can. Most florists will take a deposit from you to secure your date and from then on will be in contact with you regarding your flowers and smaller details nearer the time of your special day. Some florists have 2-3 other weddings booked on the same day as yours but here at Eden & Primrose we believe in quality and would prefer to spend our time going above and beyond to create your vision than spread ourselves too thin. Our time is reserved for making sure your day is as perfect as you've always dreamed it would be.

Hope you've found these tips useful, do you have any questions?

We've love to answer them for you!

Love Georgina & Kirsty x

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