Okay, so these plants not only look really lovely with their verigated green leaves and are easy to care for they are also extremely clever little plants!


Did you that VOCs and toxic gases are harmful to human health, and these toxins have made their way into our homes! Certain plants remove these pollutants from the air in our homes, and one of the most effective among them is the dracaena.


The dracaena can reduce indoor air pollutants like,

  • formaldehyde 
  • benzene 
  • trichloroethylene
  • carbon dioxide.


We find these pollutants in electrical appliances, furnishings, paints, new clothes, carpets as well as building materials. Being exposed to them can cause mild to serious health problems from headaches, respiratory problems, anemia, marrow disease, kidney to DNA mutation, cancer, and much more, how scary is that! According to the NASA clean air study, dracaena absorbs all these pollutants to some extent keeping the air in your home clean


Another amzing little trick this plant is capable of is increasing the humidity levels. Many respiratory problems that are caused due to dry air along with other ailments such as,

  • colds
  • dry skin
  • dry coughs
  • sore throats 

will remain in control when you have one of these super cool plants living in your home!


This plant is not only a 'super plant' but will also tolerate a wide variety of living condition making them a much sought after plant. They don’t require much watering and are adaptable to low-light conditions. Plus, when it comes to fertilization, two-three times in a year will suffice. 


*Pot sold separately 



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