This Tradescantia Zebrina is one of the most unusual plants. Not only do the leaves have an amzing verigated colour with a beautiful deep purple glow but they also shimmer. Thats right, when the light catches it just right its leaves have this insane diamond like frosting to them.


It needs medium light to keep it alive, growing and happy. Make sure not to deprive it too much or it might lose the leaf coloration that makes it so attractive.

A location that gets at least some direct sunlight is great, though it’s best to prevent full afternoon sun or protect the plant with a thin curtain, plenty of sun is appreciated but you dont want to burn its leaves. 


Its not super fussy with watering and can withstand a little over and under watering. Keeping to a regular watering schedule will see this plant flourish and remain helathy. 



Please keep all plants safely away from any children and pets as they can be extremely toxic.

Tradescantia Zebrina Hangpot


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